Books and Typesetting

Typesetting from authors handwritten, audio or typed notes. Books and booklets produced with layout and cover design, printed and either stapled or wire bound in house. Any quantity supplied - from one book upwards. Ebooks produced.

There are options regarding the production and printing of books (with perfect binding), and their sales and distribution channels. For information regarding self publishing services call Claire 01398 323204 or 07791 709049.

Please note proof reading is not included.

Perfect Binding

Thinking of getting your book printed?
After all your hard work, here are a few notes which may make your life easier when considering getting your work printed.

Spiral, staple and perfect binding is available. Perfect binding is the most popular and this document outlines requirement for perfect binding. Spine depth depends on number of pages, a minimum of 130 is needed.

6 x 9 inches is the standard size for publication but a wide range is available see table below.

Covers come in matt or gloss, not hardback, the card is appx. 300g. The paper inside is either bright white or cream  (this depends on what type of book it is and how many pages).

File size
Upload file size 40Mb for cover  400Mb for interior (both as one PDF/x-1 file). Image quality 300dpi

Colour or Mono
When being printed for perfect binding even one coloured full stop within your document means you will pay for a colour print. If you are using colour in your publication it makes sense to make the most of it by using colour in your design.

Style and layout of pages
Font style and size, leading, indent, page style, justified or range left text, drop caps, headers and footers etc., are all important. Be sure you like the design of the page before the entire book is laid out.Typesetting service available. Please note proof reading is not included.

Bleed or no bleed
Any image or background on the cover or interior that touches the edge when printed needs to include an extra .125" of image (bleed) to ensure that there is no white space on the edges when the book is printed and bound.
Interior: If you would like images to extend to the edge in the interior, the file must include sufficient bleed. This means that the file should be submitted exactly .125" wider (bleed is on the outside of the interior file) and .25" higher than the selected trim size. For example, a 6 x 9 book with bleed should be submitted at 6.125" x 9.25."  This extra space ensures that if a shift occurs in manufacturing, the images will still fully extend to the trim lines when printed.

Decide on unit or multiple ISBN, US or country of publication.

Copyright shown as:  "(c) your name  date".
Text and image and design and layout. Authors moral rights asserted.

Author Bio and Description
Up to 2,500 characters for bio (appx 450 words)  and up to 4,000 characters for description.

Details needed
Bank account no, sort code, SWIFTBIC and IBAN, Tax UTR number (where royalties are paid to).

Sale Price
Sale price depends on size, number of pages, colour or mono pages and how you have setup your distribution channels. There is a minimum list price you can sell for which covers print and distribution costs.

Search keywords can help your title show up on both online bookstore and search engines - much as they do with websites. Pick phrases that you think customers are likely to use when either searching for your title specifically, or when shopping for products that may be similar in subject matter. You can add up to five keyword phrases separated by commas.    

Quantity of books ordered
You can order just one book if you wish.

The production andformat is different for eBooks than for printed books. eBooks allow text to flow, have no headings or folios and allow the user to make some of the formatting decisions such as font size.

An Exmoor Artist by Claire Savill 8.5 x 8.5 in perfect bound, available here


Wuhan Union Hospital by Walford Gillison 6 x 9 inch perfect bound, available here


Michael's Mission vol 1, 2, 3 and 4 by John Steed 8.5 x 11 inch perfect bound

Trim Sizes
Choose your trim size click here

Standard trim sizes (shown in bold) are supported with downloadable cover templates. The minimum page count for all books is 24 pages.

Wire and Staple Binding

We print these in house. Binding up to 12mm spine available with a facility to bind up to appx. 20mm.

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