Websites and Social Media

Approved by Business Link Somerset as a website supplier for basic brochure type websites for rural businesses in 2005 - part of the Connecting Somerset initiative. To view a selection of our websites click here

The success of a website depends on many things - its relevance, it being updated often, linking with other sites, it must be easy to use and show good design and content (don't forget, at the end of the day the content depends on you or the information you give us). Nobody knows your business, your niche, your competitors your USP as well as you do. The site should reflect everything that is good about your business, first impressions count a great deal and a good user experience will keep them coming back. We usually suggest getting a post it note pad and a pencil and work out your key activities and what you want where.

The sites are mobile ready and offer a wide variety of add ins, such as calendars, E-commerce, video and animation, sound clips, maps, email forms. They are not a one size fits all solution, they are tailored to suit your needs.

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation - getting found online

Search engines use keywords and text to list you, think about how you want to tell the world about your services, what words would your prospects use to find you? Its good practice to tweak the site, check the stats, try different things and check performance (for both website and social media).

We can send further information about this subject, what you need to think about when considering a website, how to get the best from your website, Google and Google adwords and more. Please drop me an email with a brief description of what sort of web presence you are looking for and we will contact you.


Why would your prospective customer or follower use your pages? Use the media for brand/product awareness, offer information, generate leads, offer something useful to the user. 

Social Media - Facebook pages designed and uploaded.

Facebook and Twitter are the main outlets but there are many more and these are free to use. Using these encourages your friends and family, businesses and loyal customers to "follow you" or "like you" and its dynamic, it all happens the moment you click your mouse or tap your screen. You can interact with people directly - its a two way street - and you can give and receive information, you can get from them their feedback, suggestions and ideas - build a rapport with your prospect/follower etc.

Word of mouth is the best marketing you can get and social media could be an easier way to achieve this if you get the mix right - grow a community an - not just sell. Like a good salesperson, you build a relationship with your prospects, find out what they need, does your product and service fit? 

It is known that visitors which arrive from a social media website are 10 times more likely to make a purchase than an average website visitor. Using social media keeps customers and friends aware of your latest offerings.

Who are they?

There are many, some new coming online. The main ones are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, flickr, youtube, tumblr, and google+. It's important to pick the right media for your prospective clients, who are they? How do they communicate? Consider using peoples blogs to build relationships to reach a new audience.

How long does it take to manage these social media pages?

Think about your strategy, who you want to reach and how.

Upload and manage the pages, this can be time consuming, but what effort you make to ensure your posts interesting and fun can pay dividends. Yes, it takes time and creativity but the more you work at it the better you get. A facebook page could easily be updated two or three times a day.

Viral Marketing

One of the most successful and busy websites we produced sold nothing, it was setup to provide users with information pure and simple... the page download rate went through the roof and people passed it on in blogs and emails (it was setup a few years ago!). Because it contained good quality information targeted at the relevant audience it took off.


Embedding video can work as a pre sales tool, a training aid or a PR exercise. This video which talks about wood fuel boilers and wood fuel management is shown in two parts.

We checked the YouTube videos in August 2017, the views for the two videos were over 105,000.